fs3 is an Amazon S3 compatible client and server implementation enabling centralized file storage web services ideal for multi-server applications. Users can develop potential S3-based applications using only a typical Apache-PHP environment.

fs3 is not a replacement for Amazon's Simple Store Service (S3). fs3 runs on a user-controlled server and the API is a subset of Amazon's offering focusing on file management with real files, not databases. The objective is to provide the minimal key services, fast and reliably, using a typical Apache web server installation. Amazon offers a very robust service with an SLA, customer support and more features.

The fs3 remote client, fs3RemoteClient is compaible with Amazon's S3 service, so switching between the fs3 server and Amazon's system will be easier. Amazon S3 clients may be compaitble with fs3 out of the box.

Special thanks to Source Forge for hosting the fs3 project!
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