Class fs3Server


This class provided the standard handling of Amazon S3 style requests.

However, it is worth noting that this does not implement every aspect of the Amazon API. It is limited only to the REST version of the API and currently limited to Object manulation methods.

Unlike the Amazon API, buckets will be created as needed without specific calls to create them. Futher, Amazon uses a database and hence stores lots of information about the files which is not supported by the pure file system approach employed here.

Located in /classes/fs3Server.php (line 29)

Method Summary
fs3Server fs3Server (string $repository, string $host, fs3KeyManager $keyManager)
void handleRequest ()
Constructor fs3Server (line 40)


  • access: public
fs3Server fs3Server (string $repository, string $host, fs3KeyManager $keyManager)
  • string $repository: the directory containing the repsitory files.
  • string $host: the host name used to access this service. If it is using virtual hosts to identify buckets, then this value should be the base hostname without the bucket prefix.
  • fs3KeyManager $keyManager: and implementation of the fs3KeyManager interface.
handleRequest (line 51)

Main request handler. This should be called as soon as a request has been received.

  • access: public
void handleRequest ()

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